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Sell your upscale children’s clothing,

shoes, toys and accessories for cash!

              We have created a check list for you to make sure your consigning experience is a great one!

This is for our in person events


                Step 1:    Register as a new consignor by clicking HERE

                Step 2:    Check your email for a confirmation of registration and link to the Consignor Group. 

                Step 3:    Choose your drop off time.**

                Step 4:    Choose a team member shift* to increase your commission. Details HERE.**

                Step 5:    Gather and sort your items.  Checking for stains and working batteries. Items accepted list HERE.

                Step 6:    Enter your inventory and attach tags.  Details HERE

                Step 7:    Drop off at your chosen drop off time.  Details HERE**

                Step 8:    Come shop the ONLINE PREPARTY!!!  Details given at drop off.

                Step 9:     In 2 weeks or less after the close of the sale, check your mailbox for your commission check!

**Link for signup genius will be in the Private FB Group




All consignors collect 60% of each item’s selling price and shop the Preview Party at 6:30pm.

BUT Consignors who also choose to become a team member will be compensated as follows:

  •  1 shift:  collect 60% 

  •  2 shifts: collect 65% 

  •  3 shifts: collect 70% 

  •  4 shifts: collect 75% 


  • Registration fee is $10. Look out for early bird specials!

  • To make things easy, registration fees will be subtracted from your final commission check.

  • Each shift lasts 3 hours. Team Members select shifts after they have registered.  

Becoming a Team Member is optional,

BUT look at what you earn!

Refer a NEW Consignor!!

  • Refer you friends, family, neighbors, even strangers to our upcoming Coastal Kids Market Sale and when they consign and drop off their items, YOUR registration fee will be WAIVED! The referred consignor has to be completely new to CKM (having never consigned at any of our previous sales) and consign at least 10 acceptable clothing items (not to include accessories, shoes, or toys). You will need to email us to let us know who you referred and also have the new consignor give us your name at drop off to make sure you get credit for your referral.

Consignor Compensation
for In Person

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