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Tagging Instructions

  • Tags:

    • All tags must be printed on white or light colored card stock.

    • Tags not printed on card stock MUST be reinforced with clear shipping tape.

    • Do not make copies of tags.  Each item entered into our system is generated it's own personal bar code.

  • Clothing:

    • All clothing must be hung on hangers. The hanger's hook will look like a question mark.

    •  Attach tags to clothing items to either: 1) the tag in the collar, or 2) on the right side (or left underarm) using a medium to large safety pin or tagging gun. Small safety pins are not reliable and are cumbersome to detach at check out. NO STRAIGHT PINS!

    • OR use a tagging gun! BUT USE CAUTION TO NOT DAMAGE THE GARMENT.  Check out this one HERE.

    • If pants are hung on shirt hangers; make sure to hang them on the 'shoulder part' of the hanger. This allows the weight to be on the hanger and not slide side to side.

    • Outfits sell better than single pieces.  If need to use two hangers, use a rubber band to attach them together or safety pin the pants/skirt to the back of the shirt.

    • Do not put pants or skirts inside of the shirt where it cannot be easily seen. 

  • Toys:

    • Toys must have working batteries.  Shoppers like to test what they are looking to buy.  Items found to have dead batteries may be pulled from the sales floor and returned to the consignor at the end of the sale.

    • Use zip lock baggies to contain all loose parts to toys.  Attach the zip lock to the item using a zip tie or sturdy ribbon.  

    • Use shipping tape to securely attach tags to toys. 

    • Selling Tip: If you have an item (ie: train tracks), print a stock photo of it put together so shopers can 'see the big picture.'

  • Books:

    • Please use the blue painter's tape or rubber cement to prevent damage when removing the tags.

    • Do not cover the bar code.

  • Bedding:

    • Selling Tip: For best presentation, print and attach a stock photo of the bedding.  Including a list of what is in the bag is a great selling point.

  • Shoes:

    • Attach shoes using a zip tie, large safety pin, ribbon or even a zip lock bag.  

    • Make sure they are clean. A magic eraser does wonders on white trim.

You will find more tips on our VIP FB group. 

You will be sent an invitation to the group in your registration confirmation email.


Everyone asks how to price. A good way to think about pricing is 1/4 to ½ of the original price depending on the condition of the item. For example, a home show item that cost $30 new would sell anywhere between $8 and $15. Smocked dresses and other dressy items generally sell well between $12 and $20. Remember, even though these are high end items, they are still used. Think about what you would be willing to pay for the item if you were the shopper. Price them to sell and you won’t be disappointed. Pricing options are rounded to the nearest 1/2 dollar.  


While we want to provide fantastic items at great prices, we also strive for those items to be safe.  We ask that each consignor check available recall lists if in question, and pricing/tagging your items.  It is the consignor’s responsibility to ensure that each item meets safety standards.  A helpful source is:  Another helpful site that you can subscribe to recall emails is:  If at any time, there is a product that we are not aware of being added to the recall list, please bring it to our attention so that we may investigate it further.  Also, any item found to be on the recall list will be pulled from the sales floor and returned to the consignor.

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