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Items Accepted

We accept, but not limited to:

  • All season clothing for preemies through junior sizes.  Although our market is focused on boutique brand/home show clothing, we accept all brands that are in EXCELLENT condition. 

    • This includes school uniforms, dress up/costumes, sports and dance, and accessories.

    • Only 10 junior clothing items per consignor

  • Shoes: all season are accepted of any brand in excellent condition.

  • Maternity accessories

  • Toys, puzzles, games: all must be in excellent condition with all parts and working batteries included. 

  • Outdoor toys: tricycles, bikes, roller blades, play houses, sand boxes, etc

  • Books in good condition.  Children’s, parenting, homeschooling, etc

  • Bedding: pillows, sheets, comforters, nursery items, etc

  • Baby furniture: cribs (no drop down sides), changing tables, pack and play, rockers, chairs, rocking chairs, toddler beds, etc

  • Baby equipment: strollers, exsosaucers, swings, bouncy seas, carriers, rock and play, etc

  • Sporting goods: equipment, shin guards, gloves/bats/helmets, etc

  • Electronics: games boys, leap pads, iPod, cameras, controllers, games, etc

  • DVDs, CDs, movies and music


  • Pretty much, if can be used for or by a child, we will try to sell it!

Items  NOT Accepted

What we do not accept:

  • Out of style clothing

  • Stuffed animals: unless they “do” something or of authentic origin (Example: Disney) Please consider donating to your local fire and/or police department.

  • Clothing and shoes that are not in excellent condition.  Stained, torn, broken zippers, missing buttons, outdated.

  • Only 8 onesies per consignor that is not attached to an outfit.  (Try grouping onesies in 2-3 to a tag.)

  • Battery operated items that are not with working batteries.  Any item found with dead or no batteries will be charged for replacements or pulled from the floor.  Shoppers like to test before buying.

  • Car seats, infant seats and boosters (our insurance will not cover the Structal condition)

  • Infant tubs manufactured before October 2017

  • Pacifiers, unless they are new in package

  • Breast pumps: Most insurances pay for these

  • Formula

  • Anything stained, dirty, cracked, or with unclean odor (cigarette/mildew, etc)

  • Any brand of Rock N Play --Effective Fall 2019; recalled April 2019

  • Maternity clothes. Accessories are accepted

  • Jump a roos --Effective Fall 2023

  • Any other recalled items not listed

If any item from the above slips by the initial quality control and is found later, it will be pulled from the sales floor.




  • While we want to provide fantastic items at great prices, we also strive for those items to be safe.  We ask that each consignor check available recall lists if in question, and pricing/tagging your items.  It is the consignor’s responsibility to ensure that each item meets safety standards.  A helpful source is:

  • If at any time, there is a product that we are not aware of being added to the recall list, please bring it to our attention so that we may investigate it further.

UPDATED: 9/9/22

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