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You will select a time to drop off your items when you register. TIP: Rubber banding the hangers in size/gender groups; rubber bands are not essential, but gender/size groupings are important.  Rubber banding makes transportation and handling a breeze!  Be prepared to spend 10-30 minutes at drop off.  A team member will inspect clothing and consignors will deliver non clothing items to designated areas on the sales floor.  If you do not choose a drop off time, please expect to have a longer wait as we will need to service consignors with a designated time first. If you have more than 100 items, please do not choose the last drop off time!

What happens with my items that
do not sell?

You have two choices for your unsold items:  

1) Donate unsold items to our chosen charity.  We will take care of the delivery.

2) Pick up your unsold items during the designated pick up hours that will be posted for each event.



Please refer to you Consignor Seller Agreement, located HERE, where CKM is not responsible for lost, stolen or missing items. If you are missing any other items, it is best that you claim it on your taxes as a donation. CKM does not hold onto or take any items home. We do our best at making sure items are not taken, and sorted/returned to the right owner, but several things can happen out of our control with hundreds of people attending such a huge event. This is why we need lots of team members to help make sure this does not happen. If anyone has accidently taken an item that was not their own, please just send an email with the information from the tags: ID#, Item#, Description. We will inform consignors if we get any emails.  In order to potentially  save time locating or identifying missing items,  please print and bring a copy of your SOLD item list at pick up.  This is located in same area where you print your master inventory sheet for drop off.  This will help identify items that may have lost it’s tag or accidently sorted into someone else’s items.


Commission earnings will be PayPal, Venmo, or check mailed to consignors within 2 weeks of the close of sale.  Consignors must pick up any unsold items after the sale dates are complete. Any leftover items not picked up or if you choose to donate your items that do not sell will be donated.  Sorry, but no items will be held.

Please do not be offended if we do not accept an item.  We aim for very high standards, as do our buyers. These guidelines are to ensure a successful sale and to be fair to other Consignors and Shoppers.
We reserve the right to reject any item if it is not up to the standards of our sale. 
If you have any questions, ASK!  We love to help!! : )
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